Convent to polarize
When the time frame strucks
Shutter the shut
Minding the heart
Bolt again focusing on the radar
Sainted with all the Cryptic
Can you focus on the light that confines your headspace?
Where you go deep with your thinking
Into an alter space just focusing on these
Halted with the dark now you feel
Why scared of the depth in you
To go through the tunnel of it
You might get your way out of your mediocrity
No! Don’t think about the society
Don’t think to structurise this fitting into this world
Where you get the sellout and the success
Called out as one of the best
All happened only by winning the mediocre hearts and minds
Is that what you want?
Care about the mediocrity?
Cluttered into this trap of hereditary
No! Get it out of the way
Do it for yourself because doesn’t this depth feels something authentic of you
That you have craved and struggled to let all these out
Don’t break the headspace now
Do what you’re needed to do just with this focus and you might learn the way to win this world
Not by going with its rules
But in the way of finding the “Real You”


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