Autarchy comes within his soul
The soul that has been fouled
Like a wick which was once been lit
People doesn’t bother him he said,
But only he knows how much he cared
His mind used to freeze,
But he let love move past like breeze.
Love not for one but for all,
Even in the days of his fall,
Just before he could gather it all,
Disappointment is the word he hears all day long.
The only skit that he couldn’t bear
Was the one in which his owns ensnared.
He swept with anxiety,
Which crippled him defiantly
Right after he fought with the fear
Flesh gave away all that he steered
Trying to retrieve with the believe
That one day he’ll be like an open weave
To shine with his eccentric mind
Not for himself but for the people he aligned.
You say its been harder your way,
But do you know what it is like to be judged every step?

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