Blurred Vision

Felt like myself when in tears The lights are dim And the world feels heavy Stuck my eyes just on you Why do we care about giving a damn Of them forming opinions Over these lines over these aspects On some success on some failures Who do you think they are? Nobody Nobody to me […]

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Convent to polarizeWhen the time frame strucksShutter the shutMinding the heartBolt again focusing on the radarSainted with all the CrypticCan you focus on the light that confines your headspace?Where you go deep with your thinkingInto an alter space just focusing on theseHalted with the dark now you feelWhy scared of the depth in youTo go […]

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The Perplexity of Time

Arrogance shadowing life Innocent love which once used to strife Corrupting space that pallette wildlife How come greed is what wrong with us When everything we get is more than we deserve, How do we have such nerves, To relent the world that preserves. The luxury having limitless discovery When ever thing we did is […]

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One was fireThe other was iceWorlds oppositeWere away so farthen shone a starThe sun that day was brightAgainst oddsFire and ice fightThe Sun the moonThe oceans all saw soonA magic being castIt was quite the blastFire melted iceIce cooled the fireTwo lonely worldsWondering in despairFound each otherTheir loneliness repairedWhat was the magic though?The question did […]

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With you, Always.

Right from the start I knew that I want you in my heart To have you as my brightest part Even before I knew where to throw the dart I still had you as all of my art Chasing the implications Blessings in the satisfaction In your eyes I see us going through all of […]

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The Proposal

Like flowers I too blossomedTo the touch of the warmth of your words,And through the breezeI send all my love to youBut unlike their fragranceMy love won’t ever fade,More and more the feels will only get intenseBy the time it reaches your shade. On this day,I’m not going to propose you to be my lifeBecause […]

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Self Growth

I am not trying to be clichéI am not trying to be in arrayJust exposing myself to allayThe fear that got me far away.Away from the public eyeSo all I had to face were only my allies.I am not doing this for attentionI just want to reach the ascensionAnd the only way to rearIs when […]

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I rest in the shade of black and white, Right my wrongs to stun my light Pride is not I want neither the knowledge Shove me with integrity that gets us re-alleged.

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