Rise Above

Eye for an eye Ceases to make the other fly Why do you get mad with eyrie? When the stance is all that varies Sight the sliding foot with wit Don’t be a reign that admits The man who burns, In the marvel of others feat.

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Autarchy comes within his soulThe soul that has been fouledLike a wick which was once been litPeople doesn’t bother him he said,But only he knows how much he caredHis mind used to freeze,But he let love move past like breeze.Love not for one but for all,Even in the days of his fall,Just before he could […]

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The Self Proclaimed Critics

Avoid the spite whose mission is to fightNot for himself not for othersBut just for the sake of passing his timeAppalling how low he goes just to have a show.He takes incompetent dig on our every stageBut would he be able to cope up if we do the same?Irony is he take himself as a […]

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Why do we love to be in a notion Without any motion Calm within the chaos While imposing the broken crayons Right in a sheer sphere Wishing the world to be as clear, We suggest you to stay inside So to keep you safe from the emotions we collide. Pathetic how people are seeking attention […]

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Lust or Love?

The evil is the clouded mind with emotionless pleasure trying to induce what is not meant for us, Unanimous people skyping as invisible puppeteers of our devoiding lives in search for the lost love that was always there but never been felt. ~ Puppets to some hormones? Or love to the free world?

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